Characteristics of signs made of ABS two-color board.

ABS two-color board is the general name of ABS full-color two-color board, ABS metal surface two-color board and ABS process two-color board. The two-color plate also includes a metal mirror and a metal brushed two-color plate. Only the metal craft two-color plate is special, with strong sensory effect and texture, so it has been favored by users in the decoration and sign making industry for a long time.

ABS full-color two-color board is the most basic prototype of two-color board, which is a decorative and decorative board formed by ABS board + color layer. Its production process is: ABS base plate (ie: bottom plate) combined with silk screen production process.
ABS full-color two-color board surface color layer is rich in color, the combination of different color substrates can show more rich color matching forms, while taking into account the background color, it can fully meet the needs of users in the two-color board application industry for the multi-color matching of the board. ABS full-color two-color plates for specific needs are cheap and easy to process and apply in various industries.
ABS two-color plate
The metal surface two-color plate is completely different. It is an alternative product used in the ABS plate production and processing industry by the metal electroplating process. It is the first choice for the decoration and sign manufacturing industries, just like the metal craft two-color board.
In addition to full-color two-color plates and metal-faced two-color plates, ABS two-color plates also include mechanically cut two-color plates, laser-cut two-color plates, outdoor two-color plates (anti-UV) and flame-retardant two-color plates.
ABS two-color board is rich in color, and the board has the characteristics of impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, and easy processing. Therefore, the product is widely used in architectural decoration, machinery and equipment manufacturing, architectural model manufacturing, guide sign production and advertising production. and other industries.

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