Waterproof Blue ABS Plastic Sheet 4x8
  • Waterproof Blue ABS Plastic Sheet 4x8Waterproof Blue ABS Plastic Sheet 4x8

Waterproof Blue ABS Plastic Sheet 4x8

Lyshire is China’s leading manufacturer of engraving materials company (Waterproof Blue ABS Plastic Sheet 4x8, laser engraving materials, Rotary / CNC engraving materials, abs double color sheet). The company was founded in 2005 and began entering the overseas market in 2010. Because the market for ABS plastic sheet is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.

Waterproof Blue ABS Plastic Sheet 4x8 is a new type is a terpolymer made by polymerizing styrene and acrylonitrile in the presence of polybutadiene. It is excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and good dimension stability. It is available in many colors and effects for both indoor and outdoor usage. Therefore, they are very popular for engraving.



Waterproof Blue ABS Plastic Sheet 4x8






1000*2000mm, 1220*2440mm, customization



0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm



White, black, nature, red, yellow, etc. 



Gloss, matte, frosted, transparent, marble, mirror, metal, wooden veins, leather veins, back-engraving (acrylic), etc.



Laser engraving&cutting, Rotary engraving&cutting, sawing, hot-stamping, bending, sticking, etc.



Cutting, Moulding, Custom size, thickness, colors, surface effect.

Feature and application of the Waterproof Blue ABS Plastic Sheet 4x8


(1) Good heat-resistant performance.

(2) Good dimension stability.

(3) Excellent electrical insulation.


Sign board, lighting and advertising board., Gift art, information board, Interior and exterior decoration, Laser and CNC cutting & engraving.


Details of the Waterproof Blue ABS Plastic Sheet 4x8

Waterproof Blue ABS Plastic Sheet 4x8 is Sheet, plate, panel, slab, board, rod, tube, gear, rack, round, pulley, guide rail, Plastics fittings, As per your drawing it's a new type of soft decoration, and advertising material.


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