ABS Double Color Plastic Sheet for Brand Sign
  • ABS Double Color Plastic Sheet for Brand SignABS Double Color Plastic Sheet for Brand Sign

ABS Double Color Plastic Sheet for Brand Sign

Lyshire is a leading manufacturer of engraving materials (ABS Double Color Plastic Sheet for Brand Sign, laser engraving materials, Rotary / CNC engraving materials, abs double color sheet). Founded in 2005, Lyshire entered the overseas market in 2010. After decades of continuous efforts, it has developed into a comprehensive professional manufacturer specializing in the production and development of engineering plastics and insulating plastics, which is the most complete variety. We have automatic impregnation production line, CNC engraving machine and laser engraving machine, as well as a number of large production equipment for sawing, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, tapping, punching, cutting and other processing.

ABS is one of the most widely used plastics. Because of its high impact resistance and suitability for heavy duty applications, ABS has been widely accepted in the refrigeration and automotive industries, as well as in the printing and display markets. ABS is particularly suitable for vacuum forming. ABS plastic board is widely used in indoor signboards. Because of its easy molding, enhanced durability and better weather resistance, ABS sheet and acrylic film are laminated together externally, replacing traditional metal materials. ABS sheet is one of the most widely used thermoplastics we provide. The combination of its high rigidity, impact strength and excellent wear resistance makes it an ideal material for wide application.

Product Name

ABS double Plastic color sheet


CNC / Rotary / CO2 / Laser engraving


610*1220mm, 600*1200mm, 305*610mm




1.2g / cm3


500 colors, 13 types


engraving, cutting, sawing, hot-stamping, bending, sticking, etc


Features and applications ofABS Double Color Plastic Sheet for Brand Sign:


l High impact resistance, toughness and heat resistance

l Very stable under load

l Good mechanical strength, high impact strength

l Resists scratching, Excellent abrasion resistance



advertising lighting boards, billboard, gift medal, advertising decoration, space lead sign, room number card, floor card ,etc


Details of theABS Double Color Plastic Sheet for Brand Sign:


Q:Are you a factory or trading company?

A:We are a factory. You can make an appointment for a video talk to inspection. We can pick you up in Guangzhou if you want to visit our factory.


Q:How do you guarantee the quality?

A:We have inspections at every production step. We guarantee you a full refund if any bad quality.


Q;Can you provide free samples?

A:Yes, Free samples of most plastic sheets are available, you just need to pay for the shipping cost.

Q:Can you give me a discount price?

A:The prices depend on the quantities.


Q:What are the colors of the plastic sheets?

A:The colors are more than 500colors and it can be customized.

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