Laser Engraving ABS Double Colour Plastic Sheet
  • Laser Engraving ABS Double Colour Plastic SheetLaser Engraving ABS Double Colour Plastic Sheet

Laser Engraving ABS Double Colour Plastic Sheet

Lyshire is a leading manufacturer of engraving materials (Laser Engraving ABS Double Colour Plastic Sheet,laser engraving materials, Rotary / CNC engraving materials, abs double color sheet). Our factory has two production lines with a daily production capacity of up to 18 tons. We have a strong team of engineers, a very excellent sales team and an after-sales service team. They have more than 12 years of export experience. So they can provide the best customer service. We always adhere to continuous innovation, optimize product quality, improve the service system, and strive for excellence. We sincerely cooperate with new and old customers at home and abroad with first-class products and high-quality services.

Laser Engraving ABS Double Colour Plastic Sheet uses a focused laser beam with high power density to act on the surface or inside of the material to vaporize or physically change the material and carve the material. The non-contact processing is adopted, which will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to the material, and will not damage the surface of the workpiece, so it is safe and reliable. ABS board is widely used in various fields for its impact resistance, heat resistance and low temperature resistance


Laser Engraving ABS Double Colour Plastic Sheet




610*1220mm, 600*1200mm, 305*610mm




500 colors, 13 types


Gloss, matte, frosted, transparent, marble, mirror, metal, wooden veins, leather veins, back-engraving (acrylic), etc.







Features and applications of Laser Engraving ABS Double Colour Plastic Sheet
1.Good heat-resistant performance.
2.Low water absorption, non-toxic. 
3.Precise and meticulous production
4.Good dimension stability, molding and machining. 
5.Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. 
6.Excellent electrical insulation.
7.Safe and reliable
8.Wide application range
9.Good abrasion resistance.

Application scenarios:
Sign board, lighting and advertising board.
Gift art, information board.
Interior and exterior decoration.
Building model manufacturing
Exhibition services

Detail of the Laser Engraving ABS Double Colour Plastic Sheet:

Q:How to get the quotation?
A:Please tell us your required material, size, thickness, color, quantity.
Q:I don’t know what kind of plastic sheet is suitable for me.
A:Please tell us what do you use it for. We’ll give you professional suggestions.
Q:May I have your catalog and price list? 
A:Of course, just feel free to contact us.

Q:What happens if my products are damaged during transportation? 
A:If the products are damaged during transportation from China to your destination, please take pictures and send the details to us. We will take part responsibility.

Q:I want to customize products. Can you make a sample first? How long does it take to make?
A:Yes. We can make a sample for you. It normally takes 3-5 workdays.

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