Acrylic Mirror Board
  • Acrylic Mirror BoardAcrylic Mirror Board
  • Acrylic Mirror BoardAcrylic Mirror Board
  • Acrylic Mirror BoardAcrylic Mirror Board
  • Acrylic Mirror BoardAcrylic Mirror Board
  • Acrylic Mirror BoardAcrylic Mirror Board
  • Acrylic Mirror BoardAcrylic Mirror Board

Acrylic Mirror Board

Lyshire, a prominent manufacturer in China, specializes in the production of customized acrylic mirror boards. These innovative boards are crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques, including extrusion, casting, and impact modification.

Acrylic mirror boards, particularly those produced by Lyshire in China, offer a customized solution for a variety of applications. Lyshire specializes in the manufacturing of acrylic mirror boards, allowing customers to tailor the product to their specific needs. These boards are known for their versatility, providing a reflective surface with the durability and advantages of acrylic material. The customization options cater to various industries and uses, ensuring that the acrylic mirror boards meet specific requirements. Lyshire's commitment to quality and customization positions their acrylic mirror boards as a reliable choice for those seeking tailored solutions in China and beyond.

Experience the advantages of our Acrylic Mirror Sheets—lightweight, impact-resistant, shatter-resistant, cost-effective, and more durable than traditional glass mirrors. These sheets serve as an excellent alternative across various applications and industries. Just like standard acrylics, our mirror sheets are easily cut, drilled, formed, fabricated, and laser-etched, providing unmatched versatility.

Key Benefits:

Lightweight and Durable:

Enjoy the benefits of lightweight yet durable mirror sheets, ensuring ease of handling and increased longevity.

Impact and Shatter-Resistant:

Designed to withstand impact and resist shattering, these acrylic mirror sheets offer enhanced safety compared to traditional glass mirrors.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Our acrylic mirror sheets are a cost-effective choice, providing the reflective qualities of glass at a more budget-friendly price.

Easy to Work With:

Cut, drill, form, fabricate, and laser-etch these sheets with ease, allowing for seamless integration into a variety of projects.

Color Variety and Thickness Options:

Explore a range of colors, thicknesses, and sizes to match your specific design requirements and preferences.

Cut-to-Size Options:

We offer cut-to-size mirror options, ensuring that you get the exact dimensions needed for your project.


Interior Design:

Ideal for adding reflective elements to interior spaces, such as walls, ceilings, and decorative accents.

Retail Displays:

Enhance product visibility and aesthetics in retail environments with acrylic mirror sheets.

Safety Mirrors:

Use in areas where safety is crucial, thanks to their shatter-resistant properties.

DIY Projects:

Perfect for various do-it-yourself projects, providing versatility and ease of customization.

Upgrade your projects with the superior qualities of Acrylic Mirror Sheets—order now and enjoy a reflective solution that combines functionality and affordability.

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