Why ABS Double Color Sheet produced color difference?

In life, ABS Double Color Sheets are very common. In order to make ABS plastic raw materials have good appearance and visual effect, there are requirements for the appearance and tone of different injection parts, but the color difference is an important disadvantage of colored ABS Double Color Sheets. Such defects can cause a particularly large color difference, thereby affecting the quality of the product.
The same batch of ABS plastic raw materials have a certain color difference, and some batches of color difference has exceeded the 0.8 control index required by cooperative users. Using the same batch of ABS raw material to add different batches of masterbatch will produce a large color difference, when adding different batches of ABS raw material with the same batch of masterbatch will also produce a large color difference, the same batch of raw material to add the same batch of masterbatch color difference will be smaller. The results show that the batch difference of ABS and color masterbatch has great influence on the color difference of injection molding products.

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