The development history and prospect of ABS

ABS is a general thermoplastic engineering plastic developed in the 1940s. It is a plastic variety with very good comprehensive mechanical properties. It not only has good rigidity, hardness and processing fluidity, but also has high toughness characteristics, which can be injected, extruded or thermoformed.Most of the car parts are processed by injection molding method, ABS plastic has the advantages of impact resistance, sound insulation, scratch resistance, heat resistance is better, more beautiful than PP, especially in the transverse impact resistance and the use of temperature is more strict parts. ABS plastic is the third most widely used plastic in cars after polyurethane and polypropylene. ABS plastic can be used in the car and car outer shell, steering wheel, guide tubing and handles and buttons and other small parts, car external including front radiator grille and lampshade.ABS plastic processing, processing good dimensional stability and surface luster, simple painting, coloring, also can undertake spraying, electroplating, metal welding and adhesive and other secondary processing performance, can be widely used in electronic appliances category, containing various kinds of office and consumer electronics/electrical appliances, office appliances include electronic data processor (PDP), office equipment. Now in the electronic and electrical shopping malls, ABS plastic in the requirements of flame retardant and high heat resistant electronic/electrical shopping malls will adhere to its position, flame retardant and high heat resistant ABS plastic in the competition with ABS/PC and other engineering plastic alloys have significant advantages.

Adhesive Backed Abs Plastic Sheet

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